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About us

About Us Grand Slam Designs was started in 1990, one of the first companies to offer stock embroidery designs to the public. Our goal is to provide our customers with only the highest quality professionally digitized stock embroidery designs. Our online store is available 24 hours a day and you can download your design orders immediately - so you have no delays in getting your projects done at whatever time of the day you are working!

Our digitizing department was run by Barb Geer, which has an extensive history of both embroidering and digitizing. It is because of this experience that we can hold our head high and know that each embroidery design is created with all aspects taken into consideration including stitch intensity, usability and longevity. Please visit our history section for more detailed information on how we got started.

We are constantly adding designs to our collection, which covers many themes and has a diversity in available designs that can only be achieved from a long embedded history in the embroidery industry to most likely have what you are looking for. In addition we have designs available in embroidery design packs for those that are looking for a theme of designs as well as embroidery fonts and alphabets. If you do not find what you are looking for in our stock embroidery designs please let us know your suggestions of what you are looking for!

Our website is fast, convenient and SECURE! We are very sensitive to the fact that your information is just that - yours, and we do everything we can to keep it that way. All of your information is encrypted and secure when you enter it on our site. We have services that scan our system daily to confirm that your information remains secure. Also, we do not sell or share your information with anyone. For more information please read over our privacy policy page.

Minnesota Grand Slam was started in Middle River Minnesota by Barb Geer, who has been in the embroidery industry since 1990, when she made a life-changing decision to stop teaching school to watch her children go through high school. As a music teacher, conflicting schedules prevented her from attending many of the events in which her children were involved in a different school district.

She and a partner purchased their first embroidery equipment to get started. The next logical step was to purchase digitizing equipment because it was extremely difficult to find digitizers. This was decided after an entire year of searching for digitizers! Once the digitizing equipment was mastered custom digitizing for customers of her graphics company, Grand Central Graphics, was the first order of business. For a couple of years, the digitizing and embroidery occupied most of her time.

Eventually, Barb was approached to set up a design catalog, running the business from the Grand Central Graphics location. Always ready for a challenge, she agreed and the first Grand Slam Designs catalog was published in 1995. For two years, Barb worked with a partner, but when the two disagreed on the vision of the company, Barb went on her own in the summer of 1997, and continued to design and market Grand Slam Designs.

While Grand Slam Designs started out as a secondary business for Barb, it soon became the primary business for the team of experts located in Middle River, Minnesota.
Through the years, the collection grew and Grand Slam Designs became a household word in the embroidery industry.

Proudly displayed on each subsequent catalog was the following motto: "Tucked away in the North Woods of Minnesota, Grand Slam Designs specializes in stock designs. If you're hunting for an eye-catching original look for the crew, team, school or company, Grand Slam designs can provide it for you... whatever your customer designs."

  • Setting new standards for customer pleasing selection
  • Special designs for customizing your look
  • Unbeatable sewing quality
  • Friendly, professional service... all focused on meeting your unique needs

Barb's focus in digitizing has been to provide designs with minimal stitch count while maintaining artistic integrity. Her many years as an embroiderer made her realize that stitch-intensive designs are often unsightly after laundering, no matter how beautiful they were when they were stitched out. Reducing the stitch count to eliminate those problems became uppermost in the creation of new designs.

Grand Slam Designs is now located in Antioch Illinois, and proud to have continued working with Barb as the sole digitizer of all designs added to the collection as well as supporting the entire collection.

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