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Badgemaster 80 micron water soluble stabilizer

Key Features:
 • Water soluble
 • 15" x 25 yard roll
Brand: Madeira
Manufacturer: Madeira
+ -
15in X 25yd ROLL - 3.15mil

Badgemaster® 80 micron is a heavy weight, water soluble stabilizer that dissolves completely in warm water.

Embroidery is done directly on the material for lace, badges and heirloom embroidery. It can also be used as a stabilizer for cutwork embroidery.

  • Badgemaster® water soluble stabilizer
  • Opaque
  • 3.15 mil.
  • Water soluble
  • 15" x 25 yard roll
For use with:
  • Lace
  • Ornaments
  • Battenburg Lace
  • Cutwork embroidery
  • Heirloom embroidery
  • In the Hoop embroidery
  • Free Standing Lace (FSL)
  • Badges, emblems and patches
How to use for Heirloom and Free Standing Lace:
Cut a piece from a roll of Badgemaster® to fit your hoop size. Embroider a design that has been digitized for free standing lace or badge directly on to Badgemaster®. Remove from hoop and trim away the excess Badgemaster® with a sharp pair of scissors (tearing can cause stress to the design). Soak the embroidered design in warm water until you have achieved the desired softness. Soak for less time, leaving some residue, if you plan to shape your design. Allow to dry completely.

How to use for Cutwork Embroidery:
Use the smallest hoop size and a fabric with good stability. After embroidering the cut hole parts of the design and trimming out the fabric and stabilizer. Cut a piece of Badgemaster® large enough to cover the cutwork parts of the design. Remove the hoop and cover the cut holes with the piece of Badgemaster®, making sure that the holes are covered. Pin or tape it to the top of the hoop or fabric to hold it in place. Re-attach the hoop to your machine and finish embroidering the design.

Please note:
If there are large areas of excess Badgemaster® trim it away with scissors. Dissolve Badgemaster® in warm water and allow to dry completely.
Badgemaster 80 micron water soluble stabilizer

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