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Rewards Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Sign Up for Rewards Program?

Enrolling in our Rewards Program is very easy. Simply Register and verify your email address by clicking this link to enroll. As a part of our welcome offer, you will receive 100 points just for signing up with us.


How do I Earn Points?

You can earn points by registering for an account and by making a purchase on our website. You will earn one point for every dollar spent. In addition, we will be adding new ways to earn more points, so please check back often and subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of new Promotions and Reward Points offers.


How do I Redeem Points?

You can redeem your active & unused points during the online checkout process. When you purchase any of our products online, you will be provided with option to “Redeem Points” with value of your points during the “Payment Method” step while ordering online.


What is the minimum points required to Redeem Points?

You must have a minimum of 100 points in order to redeem your points.


How do I check my Points Balance?

It’s very simple. Login to your account and click on “Reward Points” to view all your Earnings and Redemptions for each of your transactions.


Can I buy extra Points to redeem a particular Reward?

Unfortunately, no! You cannot purchase points directly. You have to buy from our online store to earn points and rewards.


Do My Points Expire?

Yes. Your points come with an expiration date.

Your Signing Bonus of 100 points expires in 30 days.

All other rewarded points expire in 365 days (1 year).


What happens to my Points if I Return my Order?

When you return your product or cancel your order, any points used in that transaction will be forfeited. You can click on “Reward Points” to view all the transactions.


I have additional questions about my Points?

Great. We are happy to assist you. You can contact us with your questions through email at [email protected].

Free Design Warnings

3 free designs per week with no purchase,

6 free designs per week with $35 purchase, or

9 free designs per week with $75 purchase.