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Lubricants & Oils

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Key Features: • Great for use on Embrodiery Machine Rotary Hooks, Needle Bar Driver and Bearings, Needle Bar, and Connecting Rod and Head trimming Parts • Developed specifically for embroidery machines • Measured amount of spray lubricant per each nozzle depression preventing over oiling and saturated garments. • LB5 stays where you spray it
Key Features: • Madeira's ML-5 machine lubricant has a metered spray that dispenses the equivalent of a single drop of oil. • The precisely measured spray is ideal for daily lubrication of embroidery machines. • This product is only available to ship UPS GROUND!
Key Features: • Madeira's non-staining white machine oil comes in a large 1 quart (32 oz.) bottle for replenishing your lubricating containers and machine reservoirs. • It has a low viscosity (ISO 22) and is water white clear. • For use on embroidery, quilting and sewing machines.
Key Features: • Madeira's needle nose pen oiler comes with white machine oil. • It is used for lubricating embroidery, sewing and quilting machines. • It can be used on other machinery, as well. Keep one next to each machine so that it is right there when you need it.
Key Features: • AlbaChem┬« lily white machine oil has a telescoping spout, enabling you to reach hard to access areas on embroidery, sewing and other textile machinery. • This high quality water white oil is stainless, which is ideal when working with fabric. • The higher viscosity (ISO 46) results in less dripping. Includes a red cover to prevent accidental spills.
Key Features: • This refillable oil bottle is intended for use with white machine oil for lubricating embroidery, sewing and quilting machines. • It can also be used on other textile machinery. The 1" metal tip allows for precision oiling on all moving metal parts. • It can be filled and refilled with 2 ounces of oil (oil sold separately). • Be sure to have one bottle at each machine for daily and weekly lubricating.

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