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lubricants & oils
Key Features:
 • Great for use on Embrodiery Machine Rotary Hooks, Needle Bar Driver and Bearings, Needle Bar, and Connecting Rod and Head trimming Parts
 • Developed specifically for embroidery machines
 • Measured amount of spray lubricant per each nozzle depression preventing over oiling and saturated garments.
 • LB5 stays where you spray it
Brand:CT Company

Great for use on embroidery machine rotary hooks, needle bar driver and bearings, most moving parts of any machine! Use LB5 machine spray oil lubricant to keep you machine running smoothly.

Key Features:
 • Madeira's non-staining white machine oil comes in a large 1 quart (32 oz.) bottle for replenishing your lubricating containers and machine reservoirs.
 • It has a low viscosity (ISO 22) and is water white clear.
 • For use on embroidery, quilting and sewing machines.

Madeira white machine oil is used for lubricating embroidery machines.

Key Features:
 • AlbaChem® lily white machine oil has a telescoping spout, enabling you to reach hard to access areas on embroidery, sewing and other textile machinery.
 • This high quality water white oil is stainless, which is ideal when working with fabric.
 • The higher viscosity (ISO 46) results in less dripping. Includes a red cover to prevent accidental spills.

AlbaChem® Zoom® Spout lily white lubricating oil is for embroidery machines.

Key Features:
 • Madeira's needle nose pen oiler comes with white machine oil.
 • It is used for lubricating embroidery, sewing and quilting machines.
 • It can be used on other machinery, as well. Keep one next to each machine so that it is right there when you need it.

Madeira's needle nose pen oiler keeps your daily and weekly machine lubrication on target.

Key Features:
 • This refillable oil bottle is intended for use with white machine oil for lubricating embroidery, sewing and quilting machines.
 • It can also be used on other textile machinery. The 1" metal tip allows for precision oiling on all moving metal parts.
 • It can be filled and refilled with 2 ounces of oil (oil sold separately).
 • Be sure to have one bottle at each machine for daily and weekly lubricating.

This refillable oil bottle has a metal needle nose for precision lubricating.

Key Features:
 • Madeira's ML-5 machine lubricant has a metered spray that dispenses the equivalent of a single drop of oil.
 • The precisely measured spray is ideal for daily lubrication of embroidery machines.
 • This product is only available to ship UPS GROUND!

Madeira machine lubricant has a precision metered spray for embroidery machines.

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