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Key Features
 • Patch-Making Tools, Designs & Fonts for Fun and Profit
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Brand: BriTon Leap
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Welcome to Merrowly!

Everyone loves patches. We collect them to show where we’ve been, what we enjoy, and who we are inside.

Merrowly is a versatile software tool and an extensive collection of resources to allow you to create beautiful patches.

Merrowly‘s lets anyone create custom-contour and custom-sized patches with a click, starting from any embroidery design or text.

Merrowly will help you build professional looking patches for everything: Clubs and sports, special events, first responders, custom uniform pieces, band and theater,  even costumes and cosplay.

Fonts and designs, curated for patch making.

  • 10 ‘Fun Fonts’ are perfect for contoured name patches.
  • 6 Small Fonts, accurate for military and first responder emblems. Useful everywhere that small, readable, lettering is needed.
  • 3 Sizes of each of the block fonts are included, hand-tuned to sew beautifully by a master digitizer. These include Mini and Micro versions that use 60wt thread.
  • Over 150 patch designs and edge shapes. Merrowly has everything you need to make incredible professional emblems.
  • The shields, rockers, banner and tabs are classic shapes used by uniform companies worldwide.
  • Baselines and envelopes for text drop are already placed to get you quickly into production.
  • Classic and fun shapes included.


Patch Making tools for Fun and Profit

Merrowly‘s tools are based on our unique programmatic machine embroidery stitch that emulate a special overlock stitch known as merrowing to create authentic-looking patch edges. When you have a Merrowly patch in your hand, you feel as though it was made with traditional tools and skill on an overlock machine due to how well it represents the classic and distinctive look of merrowing. With only an embroidery machine, thread and stabilizer, you can create one-of-a-kind patches with an edge that looks and feels like a real merrowed edge.

Merrowly can automatically create a patch for anything on the design page. With a single menu selection (Utility > Add Patch Edge) you can automatically wrap the all the embroidery on your design page in a custom-shaped patch edge or a made-to-size circle, rectangle or rounded rectangle, all with adjustable settings.

Merrowly provides a controlled Interactive design for the patch, allowing you to select your favorite method of patch construction from the following options:

Freestanding: (Create with Fill) Make a patch from thread using freestanding lace-like technique that leaves full-coverage, fabric like background by stitching on an appropriate stabilizer (wash-away, vinyl, etc.)

Directly on yardage: (Cut when Complete) Embroider as normal and cut manually either with scissors or a hot knife from the finished span.

Applique: (Using Pre-Cut, Hand-Cut in Hoop) You can use either traditional hand-cut methods or pre-cut applique pieces made by hand or machine. You can also save a cut-file or .svg to allow for electronic cutting. If you do not have the perfect color fabric or just like the texture of an embroidered background, Merrowly also has the option to add a light sketch-style fill for color and texture to the background of the patch.

Designs and Fonts for Serious(ly fun) Patches

Merrowly comes with patch shapes that have been used on commercial uniforms for many years. These shapes are the same size and aspect ratio as you would expect when creating police, fire and military patches for actual use by responders. Included are rockers and namedrop templates for ease of use.

Just your ‘Type’

Merrowly also comes with two sets of fonts: One set is designed for those standard uniform patches we all do, but the others are just for fun.

Uniform patches often require specific fonts chosen to match a style guide or service. Embroiderer designers often use a nearest-matching font and adjust letters as needed, but this set has not only block fonts styled for common patch uses, it includes mini and 60wt versions of these fonts for clearer small text. These ‘uniform’ fonts include specially selected typefaces that fit the style of military branches and traditional patches.

For fun, we included a small collection of fonts with various styles from swirly, to retro, to motorcycle. These fun fonts are great starting points for contoured name or word patches with interesting custom shapes. Simply type your text, select Utility > Add Patch Edge and you have a custom-shaped patch design ready for any apparel or accessories.

Personalize your Patch Designs with Ease

Some of our pre-made, scalable designs come with the added value of prepopulated envelopes or special ‘Baseline’ elements to make it easy to place your text in the most common positions for the patch!

Our ‘Merrowly Patches’ selection comes with names in place; just click the text, make adjustments in the Lettering tab, type in your name and hit ‘Enter’ for a personalized patch!

Many of the simple patch borders in the Merrowly collection include embedded ‘Baseline’ and ‘Envelope’ objects so that you can style and place your letters in the patch by simply renaming your lettering object. Each design that has these special features includes notes in the Properties tab to help you name your lettering objects to take advantage of the multiple text areas and placement options. The ‘Top Arc’ placement on the below patch border, for instance,  has both a ‘Baseline’ for simple curved text and an ‘Envelope’ for text that stretches to fill the shape of the top arc area.

Basic Features Include:

  • Merge and save machine embroidery design files from virtually any source.
  • Export cut-files.
  • Create patch edges to wrap a page, as a circle/oval, square/rectangle with adjustable corner radius.
  • Use pre-made patches or choose from well over 100 shapes in the included Library.
  • Includes two sets of fonts: Uniform/Block small + micro and 60wt. and Fun fonts for name patches or any other embroidery use.
  • Color Sort for multiple-patch layup.
  • Create objects compatible with StitchArtist 3 for complete control and editing.
Merrowly Software

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3 free designs per week with no purchase,

6 free designs per week with $35 purchase, or

9 free designs per week with $75 purchase.