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E-Zee Badge Film Hefty is a 100 mic ROLL CLEAR

Key Features:
 • 19" x 109 yard roll
Brand: Madeira
Manufacturer: Madeira
SKU: MP01-3510019109
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19Inx109yd ROLL CLEAR

E-Zee Badge Film Hefty is a 100 micron, heat sensitive film.

It is made of Polyolefin, contains no formaldehyde and is 100% environmentally friendly. Stand alone embroidered patches and emblems pop out easily. Excess material is removed completely with heat. The use of two layers can significantly improve stability and proper registration, especially on large and complex designs. Material left within fill stitches and satin stitches remains providing firm badges and emblems that can be adhered to garments, caps and other fabrics.

  • E-Zee Badge Film Hefty
  • Clear
  • 100 mic. Badge Film
  • 19" x 109 yard roll
For use with:
  • Stand alone badges, emblems and patches
  • Specially digitized designs (see instructions below)
How to use:
Hoop E-Zee Badge film by itself. Embroider design directly on the film. Tear the excess film away from the outside of the design. Remove any open area pieces of film if possible. Carefully remove any excess film by applying heat with a heat press or hand held iron with temperatures between 248°F to 284°F (120°C to 140°C) for a few seconds.

General digitizing instructions (see link below for detailed instructions):
  • Avoid multiple perforations in the same area
  • Begin with an outline stitch to define the shape
  • Create 3 layers of underlay to set a firm foundation
  • Use a fill stitch to “create fabric”
  • Digitize your design on top of the “fabric” you created
  • Create a satin stitch on the outer edge t finish the design
E-Zee Badge Film Hefty is a 100 mic ROLL CLEAR

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