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Exquisite Sew 'N Heat Stabilizer Embroidery Topping

Key Features:
 • Size: 12" x 10 yds
Available in 1 Sizes: Exquisite Sew 'N Heat Stabilizer
Brand: Designs Magazine
Manufacturers: Exquisite , Designs In Machine Embroidery

Exquisite Sew 'N Heat Stabilizer

Exquisite Sew 'N Heat
Sew 'N Heat is a clear stabilizer used for fabrics not conducive to moisture; such as silk and wool. After tearing away excess stabilizer from finished embroidery; the remainder dissolves using a low-medium heated stainless steel iron.
  • Color: Clear
  • Size: 12" x 10 yds
  • Package: Re-sealable Tube

Exquisite Sew 'N Heat Stabilizer

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