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KingStar Metallic Holiday Quartet

Key Features:
 • No kinks!
 • 4 colors included
Brand: Designs Magazine
Manufacturer: Designs In Machine Embroidery
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KingStar Metallic Holiday Quartet
No kinks!

The KingStar Holiday Metallic Quartet set has the four classic colors of the holidays – gold, silver, green and red. These metallics add a special touch to make holiday creations even more festive.

Use Kingstar as any other high-quality embroidery thread. No need for a special needle or slower running speeds. Threads in the Kingstar Metallic Holiday Quartet are colorfast and will not fade on your garment.

The kit includes (1) 1000 meter cone of each:
  • (MA-3) Green
  • (MA-4) Red
  • (MG-1) Gold 2
  • (MS-1) Silver
KingStar Metallic Holiday Quartet

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