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Spray Tent Embroidery Hardware

Key Features:
 • No more overspray!
Available in 1 Sizes: Spray Tent
Brand: Designs Magazine
Manufacturer: Designs In Machine Embroidery
SKU: DM01-AST1001
Spray Tent
The Spray Tent is the place to spray patches, appliqués or any items requiring spray adhesive without unwanted overspray.

The spray tent pops open when removed from its bag. We recommend placing your items face-down on a layer of paper to avoid excess accumulation of spray adhesive in your tent. After spraying, allow any excess adhesive to dry before storing.

We recommend a single fold only for storage – replacing in the original bag can bend the metal stays.

Tent size is 14" x 14" when open.

*If desired, place a piece of cardboard on the bottom of the tent as a floor.
Spray Tent
Top Picks For You
Key Features:
 • Madeira's MSA 1000 temporary spray adhesive has a quick, strong tack. The high tack allows for easy repositioning.
 • It comes out clear and is non-staining with low odor. Sprays with minimal over-spray.
 • Ideal for appliqué and for holding stabilizers and backings to slippery performance wear fabrics.
 • It is also great for holding down 3D embroidery foam.
 •  It contains no CFCs, which deplete the ozone layer.
SKU: MP01-1571000
Brand: Madeira

Madeira Spray Adhesive offers a superior tack for temporary hold.

Key Features:
 • Now available in a self-dispensing pack!.
 • Reusable positioning stickers.
 • Precision crosshair design
 • For machine embroidery placement
 • 250 stickers per box
SKU: DM01-TSP0100
Brand: Designs Magazine
Target Stickers are the ideal solution to planning your embroidery layout. These removable, reusable stickers are not only clean and convenient!
Key Features:
 • Great for use on Embrodiery Machine Rotary Hooks, Needle Bar Driver and Bearings, Needle Bar, and Connecting Rod and Head trimming Parts
 • Developed specifically for embroidery machines
 • Measured amount of spray lubricant per each nozzle depression preventing over oiling and saturated garments.
 • LB5 stays where you spray it
Brand: CT Company

Great for use on embroidery machine rotary hooks, needle bar driver and bearings, most moving parts of any machine! Use LB5 machine spray oil lubricant to keep you machine running smoothly.

Key Features:
 • An extra hand to keep excess fabric out of the embroidery field - for 6" x 10" hoops or larger.
SKU: DM01-HGJ001
Brand: Designs Magazine
Jumbo Hoop Guard for Lg Monster Hoops
Key Features:
 •  Fast & Simple tool for positioning.
 •  Tool delivers big results for left chest pocket embroidery
SKU: DM01-Emb_LilHelper
Brand: Designs Magazine
This clever little tool delivers big results for left chest pocket embroidery This is a fast and simple tool for positioning embroidery designs above pockets.
Key Features:
 • The Stitch Ripper, designed by a professional embroiderer for embroiderers. Use it to remove embroidery stitches from fabrics.
Brand: Designs Magazine

Stitch Ripper - Embroidery Repair Tool

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